1960-2010 - 50 Years

This blog is dedicated to the students who graduated from Henryetta High School in Henryetta Oklahoma in 1960.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Boys' State Delegates

Thanks to John Greiner for sending me this newsclipping of the Boys' State Delegates!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Henryetta Elementary Football Teams

John Greiner sent me these photos of the Elementary School Football Teams when we were in the 6th Grade.  He has identified many of the players, but there are still some unknown players.  If any of you can identify players, please leave me a comment.  If you click on the photos, they will enlarge.

Frances Willard Elementary School
Can anyone help identify these guys?

Irving Elementary School
1st row:  Don Terry Gizzi, Billy Dindle, Donald Jones, ?, Johnny Molet, ?, Bobby Molet
Top Row:  Coach, ?, John Moore, Skip Garbart, Richard Devaughn, Buddy Vernetti, ?

Jefferson Elementary School
1st Row:  2nd boy Frank Helms?,  4th boy Joe Tommy Merry
Back Row:  Billy Jones, 4th boy Emmitt Counts, 6th boy Robert Contrez

Roosevelt Elementary School
1st Row:  3rd boy Jimmy Beymer
Back Row:  boy at far right - Jerry Don Elmore

Washington Elementary School
1st Row:  3rd boy Bruce Roberts, Charles Dodson
2nd Row:  3rd boy Red Hargraves, Fred Martin
Last Row:  boy benind Fred's shoulder - Paul Harjo

Webster Elementary School
1st Row:  Coach Gene VanMeter, ?, Tommy Bowles, Butch Poulton, Chuck Richeson, ?, John Dacus, Carleton Clay, Will Decker, Coach Vernon Van Meter
2nd Row:  Bill Miller, Bill Huddart, Mike Cope?, Frank Tippi, ?, ?, Butch Loman
3rd Row:  Jackie Sawyer, Gene Autry Anderson, Donnie Harkins, John Greiner,Ronnie Rolen, Bobby Furer ?, RonSiegenthaler