1960-2010 - 50 Years

This blog is dedicated to the students who graduated from Henryetta High School in Henryetta Oklahoma in 1960.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up With John Greiner

This picture is of Ron Rolen, me, and Bill Miller. We were in what I call a Time Warp Drugstore in Nichols Hills Plaza in Oklahoma City. I call it Time Warp because it has a lunch counter where you can get hamburgers, fries or many other things you once got at the Henryetta Drug Stores including Green’s (Hefners), Post Office Drug and I am not sure if Judy’s Drug had a counter, but I know Judy’s had booths. Ron and I meet at the Nichols Hills drug store every two or three weeks, have lunch and then get in one of our cars and drive around areas of Oklahoma City we haven’t seen in a while. We also go to the 12th Street area of Oklahoma City where Ron and his family lived for a few years after he left Henryetta following the 7th grade. Bill Miller was driving through and joined us for lunch and then we went to my house to continue talking about our old neighborhood in Henryetta. As you can tell, I am trying to change. I’ve been working on losing weight. So far, I am doing OK. Losing weight won’t make your hair start growing black again, but hey, you can’t have everything.

The photographer who took this picture makes an interesting story. I was trying to find someone to take our picture in the drug store. Well, Donna Nigh, wife of former Gov. George Nigh, came into the drugstore. I knew her because I had covered the capitol for George Nigh’s two full terms. He was governor four times, but the other times were for 9 days in 1963, beginning New Year’s Day, and about 5 days in 1978 when Gov. David Boren left office a few days early to be sworn in as a U.S. Senator. Anyway, Mrs. Nigh asked what we were doing, and I told her I was looking for someone to take Ron’s, Bill’s and my photo.

She said she would and the rest is history.

I wrote Bill Miller that his writing on Remember Tad Scheirmann was great writing. I really enjoyed it. I remember Tad’s daughter, GeorgeAnn. She was the co-football queen in 1952 with a girl named Carolyn Lybarger. The Hens were co-champions with Ada of the Sooner Star conference that year. Chuck Yonkers was the all-state player (tackle). I wish there were a way that GeorgeAnn Scheirmann could see Bill’s story. Maybe someone in our class knows someone who knows where she is now.


I am ready for another reunion of the class of 1960.