1960-2010 - 50 Years

This blog is dedicated to the students who graduated from Henryetta High School in Henryetta Oklahoma in 1960.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching up with John

It was exciting to receive an email from John Greiner  with some photos of his recent activities.  I've copied his emails and included the photos.  Here's what John and his wife, Marsha, have been up to recently.

"If you're still taking photos for the web, I have a few to send you. They are of me, my wife Marsha, Carleton and his wife Julia at a restaurant. The rain thwarted efforts to get pictures of us outside. We visited them in their home at Oneonta, New York, where they have lived for probably 40 years. They live outside town in a rural area. It's beautiful, but Marsha tells me I wouldn't think it was so beautiful if I had to drive in snow about 8 months of the year.

Marsha and I went on a cruise of the Hudson River in October. We stayed with Carleton and Julia before we left for NYC to take the cruise. All of it was fabulous. 

Then we went to the far west where Marsha went to a convention in Portland while I went to western Washington state on the Idaho line to see an old Army buddy from long ago. Here are a few pictures.

I got to thinking about sending something to the website after I got the Henryetta newsletter with my story about Hens and Knights, plus a real good picture of several of our classmates.

This photo is of me pointing to the sign on the grounds of FDR's home in New York. YES. I STILL AM A DEMOCRAT!. Now that I no longer write stories, I can tell people. FDR's home is called Springwood and is located in the town or township of Hyde Park.

This photo is me standing by the railing on the riverboat on which we cruised on the Hudson River. I would recommend it to anyone.

This picture is of me and an Army buddy named Merrill Oaks. We were in Panama together. We stayed in touch, with him visiting me a few times.  We were shocked to find out we had not seen each other since 1976. He lives in Washington State, taught at Washington State University."


Thanks, John , for sharing your photos and update!

Friday, November 5, 2010

All School Reunion October 2010

Betty Decker sent me a CD with lots of photos from the 2010 HHS All-School Reunion held in October.  Since there are quite a few photos, I'll put them on in several "batches"  Here is the first installation.
If I spell names wrong or have the wrong information, please let me know so I can make a correction!

Barbara Elmore ('60) and Jim Muehlhausen

Carolyn Sprague Dewberry and Eloise Hull Woodliff Class of 1960

Karen Thomas Anglin ('57), Eddie Anglin ('55) and Georgeanne Radebaugh ('58)

Gene Stanley, Carolyn Dewberry, Betty Decker Class of 1960

Gwen (Preston) Henry and Freda (Stone) Meacham  Class of 58

Mickey Jackson ('59) and ?

Mike Doak

Phyllis Shepherd ('62) Barb Elmore ('60) and Susan Burnett Newman ('60)

Susan Burnett Newman, Sue Sherment Gueissman, Barbara Lust Elmore, John Walker, Betty Ayres Decker, Gene Stanley

Sharon Beithol, Karen Thomas Anglin, Diana Burnett Agee, Jeanie Polston

Ruth Gaston Krienhagen  ('41) and Pauline Shepherd Martin ('39)

Rita Ingram Peters ('59), Jane Buzan, and ?

More photos will be posted soon!